"Historical and Economic Research in the Context of Economic Theory"

Ashmarov, Igor Anatolevich


The article discusses the system of modern economic scientific knowledge, which is divided as a whole into fundamental, or general, and applied, or particular, knowledge. Economic theory, also known as theoretical economics, along with the history of economics and history of economic studies, economic statistics, economic sociology, economic psychology, refers to general economic knowledge and therefore general economic sciences that are of fundamental, one might even say, strategic nature for the development of economic science in general, and therefore they can not be forgotten.Economic knowledge, which has an applied character, is based, as a rule, on private, or specific, sciences, namely: intersectoral (finance and credit, accounting, labor management); sectoral (industrial economics, agricultural economics, trade economics, transport economics); regional (world economy, regional economy, economy of individual countries of the world). The task of the fundamental sciences is to know, as far as possible, the knowledge of economic laws and the substantiation of the ways of their effective application. One such law, for example, is the law of harmony in nature. In nature, everything is expedient and meets the requirement of expediency. Some natural phenomena correspond to other natural phenomena, existing in such a way as to correspond to the latter, that is, one mutually responds to the other and is designed to interact with it.In turn, applied sciences use the results of fundamental scientific research to solve particular and concrete practical problems in the field of economics.One of the most important areas of fundamental economics is historical and economic research, which is given special attention in Russian science.Economic theory, or theoretical economics, is a social science that studies the problem of choice in conditions of limited resources to maximize the satisfaction of peoples needs. The economic theory develops and is updated with new data over time, therefore its development in the historical perspective is engaged in such a direction as the history of economic doctrines. The main goal of the article is to reveal the role of economic theory in the educational process and to give an explanation of current events in economic life using various models of reality, reflecting the real economy.

Keywords: economic theory, economic history, historical and economic research, methodology of economic knowledge.

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Ashmarov, Igor Anatolevich "Historical and Economic Research in the Context of Economic Theory" Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research, Volume 2, Number 4, (June 2019) P. 28 - 38. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.2586523