"The Indian Strategy for Central Asia: Goals, Challenges and Prospects"

Mustapova, Khilola


This article is devoted to the analysis of Indian politics in Central Asia. The interests and opportunities of India have been carefully studied. The article discusses the social, political and cultural issues between India and Central Asia. For India, Central Asia is an important geopolitical region leading to major trade routes. The author examines the current state and prospects of political and economic cooperation between India and Central Asia, joint efforts to address the problems and threats facing sustainable development of the region, which must be addressed in the development of bilateral and multilateral relations - logistics and investment cooperation.

Keywords: Silk Route, diplomatic relations, economic growth, Connect Central Asia Policy, Eurasian Economic Community, International North-South Transport Corridor, TAPI, UNSC, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, cooperation, transport potential.

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Mustapova, Khilola "The Indian Strategy for Central Asia: Goals, Challenges and Prospects" Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research, Volume 3, Number 5, (October 2019) P. 30 - 37. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.3352243