Published: 2021-01-02


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2. "The Problem of Hiring Foreign Maritime Specialists in the Estonian Imperial Yacht Club"Authors: Kopylov, Sergey NikolaevichPages: 15 - 20.Full text PDF

3. "The Innovative Level of Industry and the Competitiveness of the Region (on the Example of the Tashkent Region)"Authors: Batirova, Nilufar SherkulovnaPages: 21 - 35.Full text PDF

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5. "Property Inequality in Russia: Main Problems and Tasks for the Future"Authors: Zolotukhin, Nikolay Nikolaevich, Malinovkin, Vladislav AlekseevichPages: 45 - 54.Full text PDF

6. "Socio-Economic Development of the USSR in the 20-30s of the XX Century"Authors: Korchagina, Sofya Ilinichna, Cherepukhina, Vasilisa Sergeevna, Chernyavskaya, Ekaterina NikolaevnaPages: 55 - 64.Full text PDF

7. "To the Question of the Sources of Old Russian Law: Concept and Typology"Authors: Zolotarev, Anton YurievichPages: 65 - 74.Full text PDF

8. "Spiritual Education in Russia in the XIX-th Century"Authors: Shkarubo, Sergey NikolaevichPages: 75 - 83.Full text PDF

9. "Participation of the Voronezh Church Historical and Archaeological Committee in the all-Russian Archaeological Congresses (late XIX-th - Early XX-th Centuries)"Authors: Pripadchev, Andrey AlexandrovichPages: 84 - 91.Full text PDF

10. "Historical, Cultural and Social Aspects of the Formation and Development of Russian Higher Education in the Context of Digital Transformation"Authors: Vasyagina, Tatyana Nikolaevna, Osipova, Natalia ViktorovnaPages: 92 - 115.Full text PDF

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12. "Development of the System of Russian Resorts After the Death of Peter I (XVIII-XIX centuries)"Authors: Dzyuban, Valery ValerievichPages: 123 - 129.Full text PDF