"Foreign Policy of the USSR in 1960-1970"

Sukhareva, Mariya Gennadievna


This article deals with the Soviet foreign policy 60-70 of the last century, which solved the main problem of that period - reducing the confrontation between East and West. The foreign policy of the USSR in those years was aimed at achieving three main goals: to strengthen its influence in the socialist community, to unite the world system of socialism, to prevent the fall of any country from it; to improve relations with the developed countries of the West, especially with the United States, Germany, France, to ensure peaceful coexistence with them; to expand its sphere of influence in the "third world", to intensify military-technical and economic cooperation with developing countries. This article will show us the role of the events that took place in that period, and to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the policy, to analyze the influence of the ideology of communism on the formation of the foreign policy of the USSR. In the preparation of the article specific historical, formational and social methods of research were used, which allowed to reveal facts, phenomena and processes in the relationship and unity of the past, present and future.

Keywords: USSR, Foreign policy, ideology, cold war.

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Sukhareva, Mariya Gennadievna "Foreign Policy of the USSR in 1960-1970" Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research, Volume 2, Number 2, (December 2018) P. 64 - 68. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.2529564