"Ambivalence Human Nature and Social Justice"

Bassey, Samuel A.


Human nature is said to be ambivalent. We have clashing reactions, convictions, emotions towards something or somebody. We cherish and dislike, we acknowledge and dissect, we blow hot and cool at the same time and so on. We are comprised of inverse contradictory characteristics. This affect the way we relate with others and environment.The problem of social justice can be seen to emanate from the above. It is due to this problem that government institutions was set up in place to checkmate this excesses. This paper is thusly an endeavor to scrutinize the problem of ambivalent human nature in the light of social justice. The paper contends that for us to ensure social justice, it is important that we rise beyond our ambivalent human nature. This can only be done if we attempt to know ourselves as Socrates had advised and also allow the limitation of our being be the source of our joy.

Keywords: Ambivalence, Human Nature, Social Justice.

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Bassey, Samuel A. "Ambivalence Human Nature and Social Justice" Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research, Volume 2, Number 2, (December 2018) P. 25 - 32. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.2529416