Published: 2023-07-08


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2. "The Report of the Russian Naval Agent in the Italian Kingdom About Whiteheads Self-Propelled Mines"Authors: Aslamov, Mikhail IvanovichPages: 11 - 19.Full text PDF

3. "Activities of the Ekaterininsky Yacht-Club in the Early XX Century"Authors: Pochtar, Denis ViktorovichPages: 20 - 28.Full text PDF

4. "Volunteer Activity in Russia: Main Tasks and Prospects"Authors: Ershov, Bogdan AnatolyevichPages: 29 - 36.Full text PDF

5. "Issues of Operational Activities of Individual Units of the NKVD of the USSR at the Beginning of the Great Domestic War (1941-1942)"Authors: Semikov, Mikhail SergeevichPages: 37 - 45.Full text PDF

6. "Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, His Associates and Opponents in the Political Forces Struggle of British India (1944 - Early 1945)"Authors: Chereshneva, Larisa AlexandrovnaPages: 46 - 60.Full text PDF

7. "Construction of the Central Rescue Station of the Kiev District Water Rescue Society in 1881-1882"Authors: Velikiy, Vitaly AksentievichPages: 61 - 69.Full text PDF

8. "Russias International Policy in the Reflection of Global Trends: Historical Aspect"Authors: Belousov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, Koshevoj, Oleg AlekseevichPages: 70 - 82.Full text PDF

9. "Socioeconomic, Demographic and Environmental Factors and COVID-19 Vaccination: Interactions Affecting Effectiveness"Authors: Kargı, Bilal, Coccia, Mario, Uçkaç, Bekir CihanPages: 83 - 99.Full text PDF

10. "Simultaneous Encouraging Effects of New Technologies for Socioeconomic and Environmental Sustainability"Authors: Uçkaç, Bekir Cihan, Coccia, Mario, Kargı, BilalPages: 100 - 120.Full text PDF