Published: 2023-10-12


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2. "Organization in 1921 of the Repertoire of the Theater at the Kursk Provincial House of Forced Labor"Authors: Liventsev, Dmitry VyacheslavovichPages: 13 - 22.Full text PDF

3. "The Future Through the Eyes of a Liberal (About the Book Y.N. Harari 21 Lessons for the XXI Century)"Authors: Rudakov, Sergey IvanovichPages: 23 - 28.Full text PDF

4. "To the Question of the Legitimacy of Using Dialectics in Contemporary Social Philosophy"Authors: Chernikov, Mikhail Vasilyevich, Perevozchikova, Larisa Sergeevna, Bukreev, Vladimir AleksandrovichPages: 29 - 35.Full text PDF

5. "Principles of Family Organization of Economic Life in Russia A.V. Chayanova: Historical and Methodological Aspects"Authors: Shkarubo, Sergey Nikolaevich, Studnikov, Pavel EvgenievichPages: 36 - 43.Full text PDF

6. "Palestinian Student Abroad: The Experience of Adaptation"Authors: Penkov, Vladimir FedorovichPages: 44 - 52.Full text PDF

7. "The Impact of Information Wars and Fakes on the Media Agenda of Universities: a Socio-Philosophical Analysis"Authors: Ravochkin, Nikita NikolaevichPages: 53 - 63.Full text PDF

8. "On the Question of Organization and Activity of Divisions of the NKVD of the USSR in 1941-1942"Authors: Semikov, Mikhail SergeevichPages: 64 - 71.Full text PDF

9. "The Role and Significance of Social Actors in the North Caucasus in the Late XX - Early XXI Centuries in the Focus of Gender Studies"Authors: Khalilova, Amina Sergeevna, Gadzhieva, Zarema NazirovnaPages: 72 - 79.Full text PDF

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12. "Venice and Diaghilevs Fateful Performance"Authors: Yakovleva, Elena LudvigovnaPages: 99 - 109.Full text PDF

13. "World War I in the Historical Memory of FSIN Cadets (Empirical Research Experience)"Authors: Berenov, Alexander RashidovichPages: 110 - 116.Full text PDF

14. "Personnel of the Warsaw River Yacht Club at the End of the XIX-th Century"Authors: Devyatkina, Anel TursyngazyevnaPages: 117 - 124.Full text PDF

15. "Philosophical Foundations of the Concept of Sustainable Development"Authors: Borsyakov, Yuri Ivanovich, Nikishin, Sergey Vyacheslavovich, Shishov, Alexander VladimirovichPages: 125 - 133.Full text PDF