"Social Policy of State in Modern Russia"

Tuzikov, Ivan Gennadyevich, Malinovkin, Vladislav Alekseevich


This article primarily addresses the issue of state social policy. Social policy plays a huge role in the domestic policy of any state, since problems arising in the social sphere are directly related to the development of the economic and political life of the country, and therefore are a kind of indicator of the development of society. The study of social policy issues has long been in the spotlight. Social policy, being one of the most important components of state activity, should not only mitigate negative social phenomena, but also help the population adapt to new conditions, promote social support for reforms, implement positive changes in the economy, ensure social orientation of the population. For modern Russia, this issue today is particularly relevant due to the need to form a new model of social policy. At present, first of all, it is necessary to find a solution regarding the role of the state in the new social policy, its functions and interaction with public institutions.

Keywords: social politics, social protection, social sector, prosperity, development, population, government.

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Tuzikov, Ivan Gennadyevich, Malinovkin, Vladislav Alekseevich "Social Policy of State in Modern Russia" Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research, Tom 1, Issue 3 P. 2 - 8. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.2529702