Published: 2019-10-30


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7. "Russian Interaction With Western Countries in the Military-Industrial Sphere"Authors: Bozyukova, Ekaterina Yuryevna, Yagodnitsin, Artem SergeevichPages: 67 - 76.Full text PDF

8. "Different Understanding: Tibetan Ghost Culture in the Eyes of "The Other"Authors: Huang, XinPages: 77 - 85.Full text PDF

9. "A Reflection on the Intonation in Erhu Performance"Authors: ZHOU, LianPages: 86 - 91.Full text PDF

10. "The Emergence of the Syrian Crisis and the Impact of the External Forces on It"Authors: Azimov, Habibullo YakubovichPages: 92 - 97.Full text PDF

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13. "Problems of Regulation of Secularism and Religious Principles in Arab Countries"Authors: Mukhammadsidiqov, MukhammadolimPages: 114 - 122.Full text PDF