"Economic Processes and Structures and Their Classification"

Ashmarov, Igor Anatolevich


This article, which has the most general theoretical character and corresponds to the field of research in economic theory, presents various approaches to the classification of economic processes and structures; a conclusion is drawn on the importance of the consideration of economic systems, as well as their elements. The economic system is primarily economic processes that are carried out on the basis of the economic mechanism in the world, country, state or society. The topic of the study of economic processes and economic structures is still little studied. Therefore, we have the most general knowledge and impressions about it. Meanwhile, this issue is extremely important both for economic theory and for economic practice, because it has obvious applied aspects. Here, the author makes an attempt to generalize and systematize some of the views and approaches to the study of economic processes and structures as elements of the economic system that are available in Russian national economic science.

Keywords: economic processes, process classification, economic structures, economic system, structure of the economic system.

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Ashmarov, Igor Anatolevich "Economic Processes and Structures and Their Classification" Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research, Tom 4, Issue 6 P. 3 - 17. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.3520135