"Chairmen of the Imperial Russian Musical Society (1859-1917)"

Bakhtin, Viktor Viktorovich


The article is devoted to the music society from the moment it arose in 1859 until its liquidation in 1918. The article discusses the leaders of society. Society since the organization was under the tutelage of representatives of the Romanov dynasty. In 1868, the Russian Musical Society was renamed the Imperial. Throughout its existence, it was headed by the highest and noble figures of the Russian state, in particular, Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna, the wife of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, who financed the institutes of society, Prince Konstantin Nikolaevich, who founded the Charter of the company. Princess Alexandra, who actively participated in the musical support of society, Princess Yelena Georgievna, who supported society in the tragic military revolutionary era.Having characterized the chairmen of the society, the article shows their role in the formation and development of the Imperial Russian Musical Society. Active public figures and talented musicians were involved in the work of society. Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna patronized the great musician A. G. Rubinstein and Princess Elena Georgievna Saxe-Altenburg. All leaders determined the vector of development of society and contributed to the development of musical culture.

Keywords: Romanovs, society, charity, musical culture, public life, public organizations.

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Bakhtin, Viktor Viktorovich "Chairmen of the Imperial Russian Musical Society (1859-1917)" Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research, Volume 4, Number 6, (December 2019) P. 42 - 51. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.3533410