"Different Understanding: Tibetan Ghost Culture in the Eyes of "The Other"

Huang, Xin


Ghost culture is a global cultural phenomenon, and Tibetans have a long history about ghost culture, which occupies an important part in Chinese traditional culture. From the perspective of the other, a Chinese scholar, can be called a reference that is both different and related to the subject, it is found that Tibetan ghost culture also has its own indigenous characteristics reflected in definition, origin, and demonstration, etc, and much different from English ghost culture. This different understanding and interpretation of ghost culture is the root of Tibetan culture, which in turn makes the Tibetan people pay more attention to adaptation rather than struggle in the relationship with nature. And it is much necessary to develop ghost culture into human culture gradually for better cultural exchanges and for the construction of ethics and morality in various countries.

Keywords: Tibetans, ghost culture, understanding, the other.

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Huang, Xin "Different Understanding: Tibetan Ghost Culture in the Eyes of "The Other" Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research, Volume 4, Number 6, (December 2019) P. 77 - 85. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.3592557