"A Reflection on the Intonation in Erhu Performance"

ZHOU, Lian


Erhu (Chinese two-stringed violin) is one the most representative ethnic stringed instruments in China, and plays an important role in Chinese folk music. In the practice of Erhu performance, intonation has been troubling many Erhu players. Starting from the existing problems of Erhu intonation, this paper expounds the influence on the intonation from the four aspects of temperament, hand type, change handle and finger distance, and puts forward the corresponding correction methods: on the basis of slow training, standardize the left hand type and strengthen the training of traditional pentatonic scale, so as to improve the performance level of Erhu players. The purpose of this paper is to hope that the follow-up scholars can get inspiration from it and continue to pay attention to Erhu performance and study it deeply, so that Erhus teaching and performance will have a better development prospect in the future.

Keywords: Erhu performance, temperament, intonation, countermeasure.

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ZHOU, Lian "A Reflection on the Intonation in Erhu Performance" Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research, Volume 4, Number 6, (December 2019) P. 86 - 91. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.3593861