Published: 2019-07-05


1. "To the Question of the Forms of Human Relations and Economic Relations Based on Researches E.L. Bern"Authors: Ashmarov, Igor AnatolevichPages: 3 - 20.Full text PDF

2. "History of Informed Society: the Discovery of Time and Space"Authors: Yuldasheva, Mahfuza QobiljonovnaPages: 21 - 29.Full text PDF

3. "The Indian Strategy for Central Asia: Goals, Challenges and Prospects"Authors: Mustapova, KhilolaPages: 30 - 37.Full text PDF

4. "The Study of the Specific Features of Labor Experience of Three Generations of Russian Workers"Authors: Chilipenok, Yulia Yuryevna, Danilova, Liubov Sergeevna, Gaponova, Olga SergeevnaPages: 38 - 56.Full text PDF

5. "Ideological Modernization: Russia and Europe. From Education to Technocratic Model"Authors: Vasyagina, Tatyana NikolaevnaPages: 57 - 72.Full text PDF

6. "Features of the Development of the Scientific and Industrial Potential of the USSR in the Period of the Great Patriotic War"Authors: Shkarubo, Sergey NikolaevichPages: 73 - 81.Full text PDF

7. "Features of Sports and Public Events in Russia: Current Status and Current Problems"Authors: Zobova, Olga Anatolyevna, Gladkikh, Olga Vladimirovna, Borlyuk, Irina Anatolevna, Vasilyeva, Lyudmila Mikhailovna, Ishmuratova, Anna MaratovnaPages: 82 - 88.Full text PDF

8. "Place and Role of Physical Upbringing in the System of Educational Institutions of Russia: History and Modernity"Authors: Gruza, Maria Sergeevna, Vyalykh, Nadezhda Nikolaevna, Balakari, Tatyana Mikhailovna, Muzharovskaya, Marina Nikolaevna, Kutuzova, Irina AlbertovnaPages: 89 - 96.Full text PDF