Published: 2018-03-30


1. "Research Activities of the Voronezh Society of Naturalists"Authors: Bakhtin, Viktor Viktorovich, Ashmarov, Igor AnatolevichPages: 3 - 9.Full text PDF

2. "The State-Legal Doctrine of M.T. Cicero"Authors: Ashmarov, Igor AnatolevichPages: 10 - 18.Full text PDF

3. "Interaction of the Orthodox Church and the State in Russia at the Present Stage"Authors: Ershov, Bogdan Anatolyevich, Ashmarov, Igor AnatolevichPages: 19 - 24.Full text PDF

4. "Ambivalence Human Nature and Social Justice"Authors: Bassey, Samuel A.Pages: 25 - 32.Full text PDF

5. "Which way Africa: Multiparty or one Party System of Government? a Move to Fashion a Democracy that is Truly African"Authors: Bisong, PeterPages: 33 - 38.Full text PDF

6. "Environmental Ethics: From Fhilosophy to Movement"Authors: Bassey, Samuel A., NWOYE, LeonardPages: 39 - 45.Full text PDF

7. "The Development of the Capitalistic Relationships in Russia in the Beginning of the XX-th Century"Authors: Bozhko, Olga Vladimirovna, Zatcepin, Alexander AlexandrovichPages: 46 - 51.Full text PDF

8. "The use of Mobile Interaction Technologies for Teaching and Learning English in a non-language University"Authors: Avdeev, Alexander AlexandrovichPages: 52 - 57.Full text PDF

9. "Civil War in the United States of America: Reasons and Features"Authors: Grishchenko, Marina Aleksandrovna, Melikhova, Maria AndreevnaPages: 58 - 63.Full text PDF

10. "Foreign Policy of the USSR in 1960-1970"Authors: Sukhareva, Mariya GennadievnaPages: 64 - 68.Full text PDF

11. "The Russian Peasantry in the XIX century: Life and Household"Authors: Grinenko, Nikita Igorevich, Terehina, Ekaterina AlekseevnaPages: 69 - 77.Full text PDF

12. "Results and Consequences of the First Russian Revolution in Russia"Authors: Shabunin, Andrey PavlovichPages: 78 - 85.Full text PDF